Treasure Hunters vs. Archeologists

Archeologist: an anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture.
Treasure Hunter: someone who engages in the physical search for treasure.

Archeologist are the ones who will dig up history in the name of science and education. They want to preserve cultures so that the public can experience and appreciate the past. This can help us understand ourselves and where we live.

Treasure hunters, however, have mixed feelings about this. Some believe that they are the good guys. These are the ones that treasure hunt so the artifacts can be displayed for the public, much like archeologist. Unlike archeologists, they don’t believe that any artifacts should be hidden on storage shelves in the back room for no one but them to see.
Although not as qualified as an archeologist, this particular kind if treasure hunter cares not only for the money, but for the artefacts to.

The treasure hunters who are the ‘bad guys’ tend to be how most people see the while bunch. These are the ones that focus on what they can profit from. They will only care for an object they know is of high value so that they can later reap the rewards when it comes to selling and trading. In the case of priceless Egyptian artifacts ‘many historic antiquities are found missing from museums,’ which justifies why some things should be hidden away. This is where treasure hunters and thieves tend to be seen as the same kind of people.
Precious pieces of history end up on the black market and are treated as profitable trinkets to be passed around and collected when, if found, should be preserved and kept safe so that history is not undermined and lost.


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